Thursday, 27 February 2014

Oh no! what do I do Iv just got plantar fasciitis!

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Recently my feet got crushed in a pile up in football it was made worse because I was wearing really badly fitted football shoes I then carried on with the match and ignored it... which then caused my plantar fascia to become even more inflamed and by the end of the football match it turns out I got plantar fasciitis so that makes me look pretty dumb and means that I will be missing a fair number of games whilst it all heals up! ahhhh man! Now I got to look after my feet and basically not walk on them at all... I really silly really the following week I read a post on the ufl site that warned about this kind of thing but for some reason I just ignored the advise I guess I think I have this attitude that I am invisible but obviously Im not now! When I get back to football I am going to invest in a good pair of insoles I think also that it would be a wise decision to start doing stretching exercises to help re strengthen my feet and make them much more stronger and so its less likely for this to happen again. I was looking online for some football insoles and I never knew insoles could be so expensive.. I go on forums and ask what I should do and everyone is like yeah go get a expert to fit you some custom insoles but that costs like hundreds of dollars and I dont have the time to go see a specialist and I sure dont have a spare hundred or so dollars to splash out on just a pair of insoles... but then saying that I look at my poor feet and see what bad shape they are in and now I am on the bench not knowing what to do....... to further add to my confusion I then go on another site that telling me that custom insoles dont do much at all and not what I need because they are to fixed in position for sports and for sport you need some that will constantly adapt to the changing shapes and pressures in sport. I am hoping that I do not have to go and get some custom insoles as i am a bit of a cheapskate and really do not wanna spend so much... can think fo a lot better things to spend my money on to be honest. What should I do... I think I got some serious thinking to do and really need to do some more research I think.

UFL will it ever be back?

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 I got thinking today after remembering the ufl league do you remember that football league.. will it make a return?

when will the ufl be back? It been quite a while since the untied football ended its last season and I want it to come back... There are apparently a few small leagues apparently coming to the American football scene but I dont care about them I just want the UFL back.. I want to see the Florida tuskers play again. The ufl was really a epic league and was much better than the NFL.. the nfl is only good because it has so much money behind it but unlike the ufl does not care about fans at all...... this the ufl they even allowed fans to get involved and name the teams ... I dont think any other football league has done that before.... true commitment to the fans that is. Nfl wouldn't risk doing something like that as a name needs to be a brand that makes money and the fans cannot be trusted I think thats what the executives at the nfl would say. The nfl is packed full with ads I think you watch more ads than actual game play and even when it is not a commercial you are given stat tables put up with sponsored by.. whoever plastered everywhere on them. It just not on.. this was not the case the the ufl.... well the ufl is over but i guess money corrupts everything and the ufl if was successful probably would have started putting ads everywhere if they could get away with it.. but who know.