Thursday, 27 February 2014

UFL will it ever be back?

Posted by Erichio Kuwaharay at 07:24 ,
 I got thinking today after remembering the ufl league do you remember that football league.. will it make a return?

when will the ufl be back? It been quite a while since the untied football ended its last season and I want it to come back... There are apparently a few small leagues apparently coming to the American football scene but I dont care about them I just want the UFL back.. I want to see the Florida tuskers play again. The ufl was really a epic league and was much better than the NFL.. the nfl is only good because it has so much money behind it but unlike the ufl does not care about fans at all...... this the ufl they even allowed fans to get involved and name the teams ... I dont think any other football league has done that before.... true commitment to the fans that is. Nfl wouldn't risk doing something like that as a name needs to be a brand that makes money and the fans cannot be trusted I think thats what the executives at the nfl would say. The nfl is packed full with ads I think you watch more ads than actual game play and even when it is not a commercial you are given stat tables put up with sponsored by.. whoever plastered everywhere on them. It just not on.. this was not the case the the ufl.... well the ufl is over but i guess money corrupts everything and the ufl if was successful probably would have started putting ads everywhere if they could get away with it.. but who know.

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